Benefits of Having a Dash Cam

When you have been in a car accident and need to prove to your insurance company that it was not your fault, a car accident lawyer will always be able to help. However, there are devices and procedures that can help you and your car accident lawyer with providing evidence, such as a dash cam. Here are some important benefits to having a dash cam:

  1. Radar Detector- with a radar detector, you have a second layer of driver alerts to monitor your speed so to avoid a car accident or getting pulled over and getting a speeding ticket. If you tend to have a heavy foot when driving, you could potentially find yourself having to come out of pocket for fines or for car repairs, or for car accident attorney fees!


  1. Capture Evidence- Having a second set of eyes on the road while driving is a huge benefit of having a dash cam. Recorded video of your driving as well as other drivers will help tremendously when finding the at-fault driver in the case of a car accident. Your car accident lawyer will be able to present this footage to help you in your car accident case. Having a dash cam will help to identify hit-and-run drivers not only by recording the incident, but with a good enough camera, it will be able to capture the license plate numbers and identify the at-fault driver.


  1. Submit Footage- Any car accident attorney will tell you that submitting the footage of a car accident that was not your fault is a huge benefit to having a dash cam. You can protect yourself from higher insurance rates by submitting footage to your insurance company; You can provide the police with footage of someone driving under the influence, or pedestrians and cyclists behaving dangerously. Professional drivers are encouraged to use dash cams as standard practice in truck fleets, public transport, or in ride-share vehicles. Having a dash cam can clear up accusations by being submitted to the authorities and, in some cases, even assist your car accident attorney in court.


  1. Monitor First Time Drivers- Many parents find themselves a nervous wreck when their teenagers start driving! With a dash cam, you can monitor their location and driving habits to ensure their safety. The footage can also be presented to them as educational! Showing them things on the road they might have missed with their own eyes and teaching them what to look out for in the future. Car accidents among 16-year-old drivers are at a much higher rate than even 18-year-old drivers! So, one of the best ways to prevent car accidents among teenagers and having to hire a car accident attorney is to be proactive with a dash cam.


  1. Record Inside Your Vehicle- This is particularly important for ride-share drivers, like Uber or Lyft. It is a completely legal act to record the inside of your vehicle. For ride-shares, it is for the driver’s own protection and safety. Public transport drivers and school bus drivers can benefit from having a dash cam, too. It promotes safety for the drivers and passengers. Again, submitting footage in the event of a crime will assist the attorney in any case that goes to court.


The ability to record and share dash cam footage is beneficial on many levels. It can be used to identify reckless driving and criminal behavior, monitoring young drivers, avoid speeding tickets and car accident lawyer fees, and to protect drivers and passengers. Every driver might have a unique situation and use for a dash cam, so these are just a few examples. Not only can a dash cam provide peace of mind, but it can also help in the case of proving innocence and provide your car accident lawyer with enough evidence if the case goes to court.

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If you have been involved in a car accident, whether or not you have dash cam footage, contact the personal injury attorneys at Dyal Jenkins for representation in Northeast Georgia.


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