Will a Car Wreck Raise Your Insurance Premium?

We are asked this question quiet often! At Dyal Jenkins, we see people all the time who are afraid that if they file a claim on their car insurance that their rates will go up.

We have previously addressed this question on our social media platforms, but we thought it would be a good idea for our car accident lawyer and specialist to explain a little more about your car insurance and how it affects you if you have been in a car wreck!

First of all, it is against the law to not have car insurance if you own and operate a motor vehicle. In Georgia, the law requires that all drivers must have at least the following required minimum auto insurance coverages for your vehicle: Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Property Damage Liability: $25,000 per accident. That is just the minimum required by law.

So, will a car wreck raise your car insurance premium? The answer is: if you did not cause the wreck, your insurance premium will not go up simply because of this particular wreck and claim. In fact, there is a Georgia law in place that says so!

Georgia law prohibits insurers from raising your rates simply because you used your insurance for any underinsured coverages or to fix your car after a car wreck in which you were not at-fault. A lot of people are scared to use their insurance for a car wreck they did not cause; but fear not! If you are ever the victim of a negligent driver and find yourself in a car wreck that you did not cause, then remember this tip from the car accident lawyers at Dyal Jenkins!

If you’re involved in an auto accident and aren’t the at-fault driver, does your auto insurance matter? Absolutely. It may be required by law for every driver on the road to have valid insurance, but that doesn’t mean every driver will abide by the letter of the law and maintain coverage. An experienced car accident lawyer will have seen a case involving an uninsured driver.

If you’re the victim of an accident involving an uninsured motorist, or a driver whose coverage fails to cover all your losses and claims, it will be your insurance policy you’ll be relying on to cover the remaining expenses. When making sure that your insurance coverage is adequate, always verify that an “underinsured/uninsured motorist” provision is included to assist you in making certain your car accident lawyer can recoup all your losses for you.  Uninsured motorist coverage is there to protect YOU.  Conversely, the liability coverage you have only pays for damage you cause to others.

In the case of an accident involving an at-fault uninsured driver, you’ll end up working with your insurance company to receive a settlement for your personal injuries and property damages.

Auto accidents and the personal injuries incurred are daunting and overwhelming to endure. To successfully navigate the situation, you may want to reach out to a car accident lawyer to aid you in this process. If you prefer to speak with a local lawyer, we are local to both Metro Atlanta and Northeast Georgia. We can come to you in person or digitally, or you can come to one of our offices.  We hope you don’t need us!  Just know if you do, we are here to help you through the whole process…



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