Staying Safe Whilst Driving During the Holiday Season

Staying safe while driving is important any time of year, especially during the holidays. Many people travel long distances during the holiday season, which means more people on the road! More people on the road means more hazards and more chances of being involved in a car accident!

The personal injury attorneys at Dyal Jenkins want you to stay safe driving this holiday season. Here are some things to remember and look out for, that could cause you issues...

  1. Drunk Drivers/Getting a DUI

If you have ever been to a Christmas party, you know that drinking alcohol is usually an activity everyone partakes in! Who doesn’t love a nice Christmas cocktail? However, it is important to always have a designated driver if you are planning on drinking at a Christmas party this year. Car accident lawyers usually see a spike in drunk driving accidents around the holidays for this reason. Whether you are a victim of drunk driving or have been accused of drunk driving this holiday season, contact the personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, Dyal Jenkins Attorneys at Law.

  1. Snow/Icy Roads

It is unfortunate (for some!) that snow is rare in Georgia!  What this does mean is a lot of Georgians are really not used to driving in these conditions, making it a dangerous situation. If it does snow this winter and you are driving, it is important to stay calm, keep your distance and drive slowly.

Although snow is rare, it is very common in Georgia for the roads to ice over in the winter. While driving this holiday season, make sure to keep up with the conditions of the road. Car accident lawyers also see more car accident cases during the winter due to icy roads. If you find yourself in a car accident due to icy roads, contact your local car accident lawyers in Atlanta, Jim Jenkins, or the car accident lawyer in Elberton, Chris Dyal.

  1. Out of Town Drivers

Since it is common for people to drive long distances to see family for Christmas, you will need to remember that there are plenty of out-of-towners on the road. This means that they might not be familiar with the location, causing them to make wrong turns or possibly turn down one-ways. Stay alert for these drivers this holiday season. In the event that you are in a car wreck with an out-of-town driver, contact your local car accident attorney. Dyal Jenkins can represent you in any case in or around the Atlanta and Elberton areas in Georgia.

  1. Delivery Trucks

Not only will there be more cars on the road during the holidays, but there will also be more delivery drivers in big trucks delivering Christmas gifts! More big trucks on the road could mean more truck accidents. Atlanta is a busy city with lots of traffic, so if you are involved in a truck accident, do not hesitate to contact a car accident lawyer in Atlanta to help you with you compensation claim.

Dyal Jenkins has locations for car accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers in Atlanta and Elberton, GA. Dyal Jenkins has wonderful reviews on Google, proving that they are the best car accident lawyers “near me”! If you are in need of a car accident lawyer in Atlanta, or a car accident lawyer in Elberton, contact us today for a free consultation. We are glad to answer any questions and take on your case to get you the most compensation possible.

Stay safe on the road this holiday season.

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