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On September 24th, 2020, Jim Jenkins had the pleasure of being a guest on Business RadioX’s “Marketing Matters” show with Ryan Sauers and Jane Bishop, in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Jim was selected to be on the show due to his strong compassion and desire to help his clients in the practice of law.  The other guest on the show was Dr. Kerith Powell, D.C., whom Jim had not yet met, but enjoyed hearing speak.  The show focused on some of the extra things Jim and Kerith do to take care of their clients in the professional environment.

Jim discussed his background in law and mediation, and his family life. The focus for Jim was finding the unique points of each person’s case, their expectations and needs, and developing a strategy that suits each client’s specific needs. Dyal Jenkins is a small law practice, by design, because the attorneys want to give each client’s case the personal attention it deserves, rather than running an assembly line of numbered clients. The idea is to treat each person as an individual, and give their case personal attention. At Jenkins Law, they do have processes in place to efficiently perform the administrative work, but the close personal attention is still given to each client’s case as it is needed.

Please feel free to listen:

As always, if you have legal questions, and would like to speak with a lawyer, feel free to give Jim Jenkins a call – if he cannot help with your issue, he will do his best to find someone who can!

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