Protect Yourself from Risk While Driving & Working

Dyal Jenkins Attorneys at Law know all about the unpredictable weather here in Georgia, especially in the current season! It is important to remember that unpredictable weather poses risks, whether you are driving your car, an employer’s car, or working either indoors or outdoors. A personal injury attorney or car accident lawyer in Georgia knows all too well these sorts of risks and the consequences that come with them! An experienced accident lawyer is aware of the mistakes the average person makes while driving or working in risky conditions that result in the counsel of a personal injury lawyer. Although an accident lawyer is always prepared to handle your case for you, we want to help you to avoid those issues fullstop!

Driving in Dangerous Weather

It is always a good idea to avoid driving in dangerous weather conditions if it is possible. However, sometimes the circumstances of your life do not allow you to avoid driving, or the everchanging weather in Georgia catches you off guard while you are on the road. As a car accident lawyers in Georgia, we often handle cases that deal with car accidents due to heavy rain or icy road conditions, because Georgia drivers can never guess what the weather will be like over the course of a day! Some of the things to consider and ensure you are always prepared to maneuver whilst driving in dangerous conditions, include but are not limited to:

  • Checking your tires – Make sure the tread is deep enough to cut the water on the roads.
  • Checking your wipers – The blades of your windshield wipers (front and back) should be replaced at least once a year. Do not forget to clean the inside of your windshield as well!
  • Checking your lights – Headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and taillights.
  • Drive slowly – It is easy to rely on cruise control, but a seasoned car accident lawyer would strongly advise not using cruise control while it is raining, snowing, or while roads are wet or slick.


Working in Dangerous Weather

Some workers might take or be granted the day off from work due to extreme weather conditions. But just as how the unpredictable Georgia weather can catch you off guard while driving, it can also surprise you while you are on the job. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, an experienced accident lawyer and personal injury attorney has handled cases involving injuries and workers’ compensation.

If you are working outdoors, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself and other employees:

  • Wear protective gear – non-slip shoes, gloves, helmet, etc. will protect you from everyday risk as well as when weather conditions are risky. A personal injury lawyer will often see cases of employees being injured from slipping and falling and not having the proper shoes on, either indoor or outdoor workers.
  • Wear bright or reflective gear – This will help to ensure that you can be seen outdoors by your fellow employees and that you can see them if the weather is dark and stormy.
  • Secure loose objects on the worksite – sometimes a personal injury attorney will see cases of workers’ compensation regarding the weather and unsecured equipment.
  • Create or identify shelter – An indoor safety area at the workplace would be a room with no windows during a storm. Make sure everyone could fit in this space if the situation ever called for that. If you are working outdoors and there is no building nearby, make sure you and your coworkers have a designated sheltered area to meet and review protocol.
  • Wet floor signs – Many indoor businesses must put out visible warning signs of hazard for employees and customers. An experienced personal injury attorney or accident lawyer would advise to keep multiple wet floor signs handy!

If you are injured driving or working in dangerous conditions and you require the help of a personal injury attorney. Georgia’s Dyal Jenkins Attorneys at Law have over 60 years of collective experience in the court room. If you need legal counsel, contact our law office for an experienced accident lawyer. Make the first call the right call…Dyal Jenkins.

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