How much is my personal injury case worth?

The short answer is:  it depends.  Personal injury cases (car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, big truck wrecks, etc.) are very fact-specific.  This just means that each case is different from all of the others.  The value of your case will depend primarily on how badly you were hurt.  Worse injuries are worth more value…because more is lost.  Believe it or not, you do NOT want to have a highly valuable personal injury case because that would mean that you have been catastrophically injured (think, severe permanent loss of use of arm/hand, paralyzed or killed, for example).  Other factors that may affect the value of your personal injury case are the venue where lawsuit would be filed, the continuity and quality of medical care, and even your property damage.  If you have questions, call me and we can elaborate on these things.


The next question is whether or not there is money available to pay for your personal injury claim.  Some people have highly valuable personal injury cases, but there simply is not insurance coverage available to pay for all of their damages.  Drivers in Georgia are only required to carry a minimum of $25,000.00 in liability insurance coverage to protect other people that they may injure while driving.  So, if you are in a wreck with someone who only have the minimum amount of insurance coverage (most drivers) and break your leg, and you have $25,000.00 in medical expenses, you may walk away with only your medical bills paid, if that (unless you hire a personal injury lawyer who knows what to look for and how to manage a case like this).  This is where underinsured motorist insurance, typically called “UM” coverage, is helpful.  The summary is that UM coverage pays to protect YOU, where liability coverage pays to other people.  If you don’t have UM coverage, you should get “added on” UM coverage immediately if you want to protect yourself.


If you have been injured and are curious about what your personal injury case may be worth, give us a call to discuss your specific details.  We have significant experience in personal injury law and can give you a general idea of what your case value.  It’s always good to call a personal injury lawyer before you talk to insurance adjusters, and our initial consultations are free.  Make your first call the right call.  Dyal Jenkins.

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