What Does it Mean to be a Personal Injury Attorney in Georgia?

Being a personal injury lawyer in any state means that you handle cases where the negligent action of a person causes another person to lose something, become injured, or even cause the death of a person. It is important to understand the laws of your state and how they affect your personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims in Georgia can be nearly impossible to handle without the help of a personal injury lawyer. Part of being a personal injury lawyer in Georgia is to explain to the client how Georgia laws work when it comes to a personal injury case. The personal injury lawyers in Georgia, Dyal Jenkins want to help you understand the laws and how they could affect your case.

Here are three things that can affect your personal injury claim in Georgia:

  1. Statute of Limitations

One of the most important reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer in Georgia is statute of limitations. The limitation provides a deadline for when you can seek compensation for damages in a personal injury case. The limitation in Georgia for most personal injury claims is two years, but sometimes you are required to give notice of your claim for injuries much sooner. This means that you have a maximum of two years from the date of injury to file a personal injury claim. Due to the statute of limitations in Georgia, it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer in Georgia as soon as you possibly can. Personal injury lawyers will know when to file and can speed up the process compared to someone with little knowledge of the state laws.

  1. Comparative Fault Statutes

There are also statutes that measure the fault of each party in a personal injury claim that determine the amount of money you can receive. Comparative fault statutes affect the amount for damages a plaintiff can recover from an accident depending on their contribution to the accident. A pure comparative fault statute means that one can claim 1% of damages even if they are found to be 99% at fault. The state of Georgia uses a modified comparative fault statute. This means that if the court finds you to be responsible for 50% or more of the accident, you cannot recover compensation. The court also calculates the amount of money you can win based on the percentage of fault. Being a personal injury lawyer in Georgia means to prove that clients are less than 50% at-fault for an accident so that they can recover damages.

  1. Georgia’s Wrongful Death Act

There are laws that are specific to certain personal injury claims. Georgia’s Wrongful Death Act is an example of this. Georgia’s Wrongful Death Act sets guidelines in the event the deceased did not have a will in place. A personal injury lawyer handling a wrongful death claim will be able to take the legal aspect off a grieving family’s hands and will help them understand who can file a wrongful death claim and how damages will be divided based on the Wrongful Death Act.

A personal injury lawyer in Georgia is responsible for handling injury cases and wrongful death cases. Being a personal injury lawyer in Georgia means to understand how Georgia’s laws affect a person who has been injured. This includes proving who is at fault or reducing the amount of fault of their client.

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